Egg Donor Compensation

Becoming an egg donor is a compassionate and generous act that may enable another to become a parent who otherwise might never have had that opportunity. All of our egg donors are fairly compensated for the time and minor inconvenience they undergo in order to complete this act of generosity and love. All expenses incurred in the process are paid by the intended parents; there is no cost to the egg donor. Our egg donors compensation is $8,000 for first time egg donors and $11,000+ for experienced egg donors.

Compensation and reimbursable expenses include the following:

Long-distance travel, in the event your IVF clinic is located in a different county from your home. Reimbursable costs for long-distance travel include air fare, mileage, car rental fees, food and lodging for you and one accompanying partner

Childcare costs for medical appointments. This will be included in your egg donor agreement after you are matched with intended parent(s)

Completed Cycle Compensation: You will receive the pre-arranged compensation fee within seven days of successful egg retrieval

Cancelled Cycle Compensation: Should your procedure be cancelled through no fault of your own after you begin the course of medication required to stimulate egg production, you will receive cancelled cycle compensation

Legal fees related to egg donation

Thank you again for considering becoming an egg donor.

If you are ready to take the next step to determine if you are qualified to be an egg donor, please complete our brief online information form.


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