Same Love Surrogacy Testimonials

Becoming an egg donor taught me to be unselfish, caring, and giving to others that were in need! This process has been so fulfilling, I can't wait for my next donation! - Donor Lauren

September 26, 2022

SLS is Amazing!

Ashley, I thank you for staying at the hospital with me, you made my first time as a surrogate a smooth process and you answered every question and were very supportive. I'm grateful and appreciative to be apart of the SLS family. Thank you for everything you do, you are amazing and I can't wait for my 2nd journey.

Shanice, Surrogate (January 2018) January 26, 2018

I Could Not Ask For More

SLS owners and my coordinator Ashley have made surrogacy an amazing experience for me. Always available, supportive, positive and on the ball. I could not ask for more. Day or night I can call my coordinator for anything and she would do all she could. I have and will continue to refer IPs and potential surrogates to them.

Lindsey, Surrogate (December 2017) December 8, 2017

Amazing to Work With

SLS has been a amazing agency to work with. They offer support and help to ensure a great journey of being a surrogate. I was so happy, to help a family thru surrogacy. Ashley offered support through the whole process and even checks up on me after delivery. I would love to do another journey with SLS.

JVT, Surrogate (December 2017) December 8, 2017

Thankful for SLS And Their Support

I just completed my first surrogacy journey and I must say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I am thankful for SLS and their support. It was such a huge honor to be chosen to be a carrier of someone else's babies. Thank you to the wonderful coordinator and fabulous owner!!

Anonymous, Surrogate (December 2015) December 8, 2017

Gay Owned & Operated

We could not be happier with SLS. We dealt with a shady surrogacy agency so we were a bit jaded with the process, but SLS restored our faith, especially since it's owned by a gay couple who are parents. They were so responsive, respectful, and just wonderful to work with. We were happy with our surrogate and just how SLS was with us every step of the way. We unequivocally recommend SLS.

- Anonymous Couple (August 2017) December 8, 2017

Exceptional Value

LOVE LOVE LOVE this agency! Could not recommend this agency any higher! Brad and his husband have twin boys and have been through this process themselves as a gay couple. They were so thoughtful, insightful, and helpful the entire process. They were also almost half the price of the other agencies with whom we had been speaking!

- Ryan & Donnie (Aug 2017) December 8, 2017

Amazing Experience

I'm a single gay male from Italy and I'm very happy I worked with SLS. I was with another agency and I was on their surrogate waiting list for over a year before my attorney told me I should contact SLS. Within a week of signing up with SLS, I was matched with my surrogate who delivered my son at 39 weeks.


- Dany (October 2017) December 8, 2017

Simply The Best!

I worked directly with the owner of SLS, Brad who was very responsive during the entire journey with the egg donor and the surrogate and he was there for me all the way up to the delivery.

- Anonymous (January 2017) December 8, 2017


SLS was fantastic and so easy to work with and our twins couldn't be more beautiful!

- John & Pete (September 2016) November 8, 2017

Love From Down Under

We are an Australian couple and our journey from the start has been absolutely flawless with SLS, they has gone above and beyond for us. There was no hidden costs, all monies discussed were true and accurate. We will be using SLS again in the future.

- Mark & Damien (Sept 2017) November 7, 2017

Highly Recommend

I would recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for a full service agency.  I will use SLS again for my son's sibling in a couple of years.

- Bill (Oct 2016) November 7, 2017