Surrogacy Compensation

First of all, surrogacy should not be seen as an easy path to riches. Typically the compensation paid to a surrogate is about what someone would be paid to work a part-time job. Surrogacy compensation should not be considered as a sole source of income; if that is the case, surrogacy is not the “job” for you.

Having said that, the compensation paid to a surrogate may allow her to improve her or her family’s financial position, perhaps go back to school, put a down payment down on a house, or be a stay-at-home mom to her own young children.

Surrogacy compensation and expense reimbursement typically range between $63,000 to $79,000 .

A detailed breakdown of our surrogate compensation package will be provided by your surrogate coordinator

Repeat surrogate fees (for a second or subsequent surrogacy) may be higher. However, keep in mind that these are only estimates and vary from situation to situation.

Expenses typically reimbursed under a surrogacy agreement include:

Local travel to medical appointments, screenings, or fertility procedures

Maternity clothing

Health and life insurance

Medical co-pays

Psychological support

Pumping breast milk

Required bed rest

Required time off from work

Legal fees related to surrogacy

Surrogacy should never be viewed simply as having a baby for money. A surrogate helps another to achieve something he or she has been yearning for: the joy of having a child. It might even change your life! You could help build a family from the ground up and be emotionally and financially rewarded in the process.

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