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Same Love Surrogacy was created with you in mind, by individuals much like you. On your first visit with us, you will meet an experienced counselor who will guide you throughout your journey to becoming a parent—the same person will be with you, from finding the perfect egg or sperm donor and surrogate, all the way through fertilization and birth. From start to finish, the process of becoming a parent via surrogacy typically takes about 12-18 months, and sometimes longer, depending on the success of fertilization procedures. Because we have gone through the experience ourselves, either as intended parents or surrogate, we can promise you will be included, informed and prepared, every step of the way. Amongst the staff here at SLS, our surrogate coordinators have birthed 27 surrogate babies and counting, while our intended parent coordinators are raising their 11 surrogate babies and counting. Our resources include an extensive network of highly qualified physicians, clinics, attorneys, surrogates and egg and sperm donors. We’re also happy to work with any providers of your choice—we even offer sliding-scale pricing for those who have already chosen a surrogate or donor.

If you are ready to take the next step, please compete our brief online information request.

Here Are Some Of Our Featured Egg Donors


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    The Same Love Surrogacy difference begins with your very first meeting: We will meet with you in whatever setting is most convenient and comfortable for you . . .


    Once you feel fully informed and ready to embark on your journey to parenthood with Same Love Surrogacy, we will ask you to sign and submit our retainer agreement . . .


    Unless you have already selected an egg or sperm donor or surrogate, our next step will be to identify donors and surrogates who are compatible with your personality . . .


    Next, one of Same Love Surrogacy’s recommended clinics, or a clinic or physician of your choice, will conduct medical screenings of donor and surrogate to ensure they are physically capable of serving in their roles . . .


    Properly executed agreements between intended parents and egg or sperm donor and between intended parents and surrogate are essential to ensure the rights and obligations of each party are clear and legally documented . . .


    Once proper legal agreements are in place, the surrogate and intended mother or egg donor are medically prepared for retrieval of eggs and in vitro fertilization . . .


    The happy ending. Ten to 12 days following the embryo transfer, the surrogate is given a blood test for pregnancy. Once the surrogate is pregnant, an ultrasound scan will be conducted to detect the baby’s heartbeat, usually eight to 10 weeks into the pregnancy . . .