IVF Matching Process

Finding the right surrogate . . .

One of the most challenging facets of becoming a parent via surrogacy is finding a qualified, reliable surrogate whose needs and expectations are compatible with yours. We at Same Love Surrogacy offer an extensive network of surrogates, all of whom conform to a list of prerequisites designed to ensure the protection and well-being of intended parents and surrogate alike.

Before introducing you to potential surrogates, your personal Same Love Surrogacy guide will ask you a number of questions. What kind of relationship do you expect to have with your surrogate? How much involvement do  you want in medical procedures and doctor’s visits? What are your expectations for a relationship with the surrogate after the birth?

Once your guide has a good understanding of what you want and need from the surrogate relationship, we’ll provide you with detailed profiles of currently available surrogate candidates we feel would be a good fit for you. When you have selected one or more candidates, your guide will share your profile with the surrogate. If she is interested in working with you, your guide will arrange a meeting by phone, Skype or in person. When both parties are comfortable with the match, your guide will provide you with detailed information outlining next steps.

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