Ah, Mother’s Day. The day each year when we pause to celebrate the mother figures in our life and the experience of motherhood. Motherhood is many things. But most of all, it is an adventure. It is all things an adventure should be… sometimes exciting, sometimes tedious, sometimes joyous, and awe-inspiring, sometimes dangerous, and scary, a journey into territories both known and unknown.

For most agencies, including Same Love Surrogacy, there is a list of requirements for women who are interested in becoming surrogates. One of the requirements for being a surrogate is to have delivered a child of your own. There are many reasons for this, including an understanding of how the surrogate’s body handles the physical, emotional, and mental demands of pregnancy and birth. This requirement means that most of our surrogates are somewhere in the middle of this adventure of motherhood.

What most people don’t realize, however, is how much surrogacy enhances that adventure. It reminds surrogates what motherhood, actually, parenthood, is all about by seeing the drive and eagerness that the intended parents have to begin their own journey. It allows surrogates to open the door for important discussions with their children like how to use your gifts to help others or how babies are created (without having to get fully into the birds and the bees if your children are not ready for that yet). It helps surrogates add to their own villages of other mothers who can help lift them up and support them, by introducing them to surro-sisters who are going through a surrogacy journey too. It allows surrogates to financially provide things for their families they might otherwise not have been able to afford. It supports surrogates in their desire to have a role in helping someone else start their own adventure into parenthood. And this is only a few examples of the ways that a surrogacy journey can help enhance a surrogate’s own motherhood. If you talk with any surrogate, you will find that they each have their own ways in which surrogacy has enhanced their motherhood adventure.

This year, we at Same Love Surrogacy will be spending Mother’s Day celebrating not only the mother figures in our own lives, but also all the surrogates who have chosen to add to their own motherhood adventures by starting a journey to help intended parents start their own adventures into parenthood.

Mary Magness
Mary Magness