What is the Egg Donor’s Overall Role in Surrogacy?

What is the Egg Donor’s Overall Role in Surrogacy?

At Same Love Surrogacy, we strive to ensure each party’s role in the surrogacy journey is seamless by providing the complete medical and legal resources for our intended parents, including access to screened egg donors and surrogates that leave no detail to chance.  

Each party involved in the surrogacy journey has a unique role in building families that could not have been traditionally achieved otherwise, and that is something we facilitate with precision. 

The very first step in the surrogacy journey is matching your parental requirements with a potential egg donor, which makes her role in the process as important as the decision to start or grow a family itself. Next is the matter of egg donor compensation, which will be established as part of the unique surrogacy plan that is built for each intended parent(s).  

Choosing Who Fills the Important Surrogacy Egg Donor Role

At Same Love Surrogacy, each of our intended parents is unique, which means their approach to finding an egg donor for surrogacy will also be an exclusive decision. 

Determining who becomes an egg donor may include choosing from:

Anonymous Egg Donors 

Anonymous donors are prescreened by surrogacy agencies like Same Love Surrogacy and are presented to the intended parents through secure profiles. When they observe qualities in the egg donors that match their surrogacy journey goals, they may select the woman as their egg donor for surrogacy. 

Open Egg Donors

The intended parents may also choose to meet and communicate with the egg donor — in what is called an open donation — if both parties agree to establish a relationship before confirming they are a match. 

Directed Egg Donors

Directed egg donors, also known as “known” egg donors, are women the intended parents know, which is often a trusted friend who holds the qualities the intended parents would like to duplicate in their child. 

Recruited Egg Donors

In some instances, intended parents advertise directly for egg donors in newspapers or on the internet, listing the type of woman they are seeking and the egg donor compensation they are offering. 

Intended parents should be cautious if recruiting egg donors directly without having an intermediary program or professional agency screen the egg donors first, even if they are offering egg donor compensation to someone they have met before. 

The egg donor’s role in your surrogacy journey is much too important to pursue without the proper medical and psychological screening processes, or without legal counsel present to ensure the agreement is fulfilled. 

Same Love Surrogacy: Your Trusted Resource for a Complete Surrogacy Journey

One of the many benefits of using a California egg donor and surrogacy agency is obtaining access to the resources you need to make an informed decision about who will be your egg donor and the peace of mind of making a direct payment for egg donor compensation as part of our surrogacy services. 

We manage each phase of the egg donor for the surrogacy process, including:

  • Prescreening egg donors for medical and family history
  • Presenting complete profiles for the intended parents to review through a secure platform
  • Matched egg donors undergo a psychological and genetic evaluation with a geneticist before consulting with the IVF physician who will conduct tests for infectious diseases, drug use, and other important genetic markers
  • Referral to an attorney that specializes in assisted reproductive technologies who will review the legal contract between the matched egg donor and the intended parents

Once the legal agreement is finalized, including egg donor compensation details, the donation cycle, and treatment phase begins, which includes routine appointments for ultrasounds, blood tests, and injections until the egg retrieval is complete. 

This concludes the egg donor’s overall role in surrogacy unless she has established a mutually agreeable plan to remain in contact with the intended parents. The latter is a deeply personal decision that can only be made between the two parties and should be established contractually, so there is no confusion about the egg donor’s future role in the surrogacy journey. 

If you are considering surrogacy in California, contact us today to partner with a dedicated communication specialist who will guide you through your unique surrogacy journey, beginning with a free consultation. If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, learn more about whether you qualify, and what types of egg donor compensation we offer, fill out our online application for consideration.  

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